Renaissance Faire Chasers

The Renaissance Faire Chasers (RFC) are a diverse group of individuals with common passion and appreciate for Renaissance faires. The individuals of the Renaissance Faire Chasers include not only patrons and visitors, but also performers, entertainers, merchants, and sponsors of Renaissance faires.

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About the Renaissance Faires

The central purpose of a Renaissance faire is to re-enact and celebrate a significant point of history. Renaissance faires provide an amusing opportunity for people to learn and enjoy the lifestyles, traditions, and activities of a certain culture in a past era.

The definition of a Renaissance faire has extended in many forms of celebration. Although most Renaissance faires reflect the time when Queen Elizabeth I ruled England, some extend deeper into history and focus other eras and time periods. In fact, some Renaissance faires have evolved into elaborate gatherings that encourage even fantasy-like aspects, such as centaurs and wizards, which offer more entertainment than historical value.

Nonetheless, most Renaissance faires are themed around a common English village during the rule of Queen Elizabeth I, for this time reflected the onset of the English Renaissance. Visitors, or Faire Chasers, are encouraged to wear costumes and accessories that attribute the Renaissance environment. There is also an abundance of activities and rituals, including plays, parades, and concerts, that all support the livelihood of the Renaissance.

Overall, the emphasis of a Renaissance faire is to support a greater sense of community and historical appreciation through like-minded interests. Typically offered as public gatherings that incorporate business sponsors and commercial opportunities, Renaissance faires are often weekend endeavors that offer a wealth of entertainment and fun. Most Renaissance faires include musical and theatrical acts, arts and crafts, unique edibles, and a range of costume entertainers and performers.

Some of the most popular and mainstream Renaissance faires include the those that take place in Irwindale, CA; Tuxedo, NY; and the Bristol Renaissance faire which is located right at the border of Illinois and Wisconsin. These are some of the most well-known Renaissance faires, and you can learn more about these destinations by visiting Renaissance Entertainment Productions.

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